You Are Not Crazy!

A lot of times victims ask me if I will consider them crazy if they said that they want their Narcissist back?!

I would never call someone crazy that went through hell and came back and forth, I would rather call that person a warrior and a fighter.

You endured something that may seem simple for someone who never went through it, the biggest war that life can give you is learning to heal from A Narcissistic Abuse.

Even if he comes back nothing will change, you took the first step, you already know how it feels like to feel pain constantly, it is nothing new to many of us, so now take the second step and learn to get a reward from that pain by moving on with your life.

Pain should make you stronger, if there was no pain in life you would have never learned, with pain we grow, our mind grows, our spirit grows and we learn to appreciate more.

These experiences are getting you ready for the better things in life.

‘God tests his most beloved warriors with the hardest battles, Why?
Because HE knows for sure that they are the only ones that can make it through and HE is getting them ready for the better everlasting things that is coming their way

To reach something in life you have to sacrifice something, nothing is impossible as long as you keep on working and grinding for your life, your mental obstacles make things seem impossible but it’s all in your mind.

‘If you want to get something that you never had, you have to do something that you never did.

The Narcissist is your addiction, you will beat it the moment that you convince yourself that no matter what you are going to heal, no matter how hurt or how sore you are.

Only then you will learn to push through that pain and break free, you are your own master, so control your mind.

It will not be easy however it can be done.

I came in here to help people on daily basis, because I have lived through this excruciating pain.

What made me do this is because I was helped and healed by people who did this to me.

Their honesty and the time given just to listen to me is what made me feel alive.

I will never tell you the things that you want to hear as I would rather tell you the things that you need to know.

‘I would rather slap you with the truth then kiss you with a lie.

So I’m not going to tell you what you are craving to hear because this is what almost ruined your life, you got nothing good from him.

It’s like getting your best friend back to an addiction or giving a recovering addict his drugs, that’s not helping him even if he craves it, that’s rather digging his grave with your own hands.

Right now the last thing that you want to hear is someone telling you to move on, because you are addicted, you are confused, your mind is clouded by your heart and you can’t seem to know what’s real and what’s not.

However in the future you are going to remember these words and you will thank me when you fully recover.

The Narcissist won’t play a role in your life, when you remember him, he will be nothing more than a bitter memory.

‘It may be rainy and cloudy now, but always remember it never rains forever.

Eventually better days are coming, just keep believing and start working on your recovery.

Go No Contact and save yourself.

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