What They Go Through!

They go through their phone book.
They go through their social media accounts.
They go through their high school year book.

All of this to see if there is someone they have forgotten or might have missed.

Then maybe, they try to figure out if there is anyone out there who is lonely enough to put up with them.

Anyone who’s forgotten the scars of the past.
Anyone still waiting with a warm bed.

If they are young and attractive enough when you leave then it’s just like going to the grocery store because they have run out of apples.

They just go to where willing and gullible people can be found and pick up another model.

Sure, they will try to reel you back in, especially if they have already filled your spot because the want to feel in demand and desired.

I have one word for all that: eww.
Narcissists are like Alien life forms.
They are just different.
I’m not judging, I simply observe.

They are better left alone to play amongst their own kind while we try to connect and be safe and build a life with our own kind.

They are like sharks in the water ready to feed.

Do yourself a favour and stay in the boat.

Try to not project your pain onto a Narcissist.

Chances are he/she is too numb to ever really go through anything because they shut emotions down a long time ago.


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