Stop Being A Willing Victim.

The flashbacks we experience especially when we feel alone and want to be loved are painful.

It’s the love bombing that we might miss the most but always remember the devaluation and the sick guttural behaviours that ensued.

Recovery will happen but the wounds will always feel raw and fresh.

Eventually and it will be sooner than you know, you will start to heal.

Be gentle and patient with yourself.
You will find that the objective thinking growing and the flashbacks reducing.

Flashbacks will keep coming back maybe until forever but it won’t affect you as it does now.

When you accomplish that, you will face the Narcissist’s full cruelty and that won’t feel appealing anymore.

Plus you will realise that getting healthy and free again depends on your choices.

The Narcissist always knew what you would do but you never guessed what he was about to do to you.

Invest your time understanding why you were triggered to go along with this type of abuse.

You probably knew it was risky,
You probably were warned by friends and family and yet you willingly dove headfirst into something now you know was easy to predict.

You need to understand the trigger points that kept you locked in then insert a substitute behaviour before that trigger point that pushes you in a better direction.

Narcissist’s prefer selecting kind, loving, passionate and rescuers who will try to improve the life for their Abusers.

You fell in love with that experience despite the sneaky destructive ways of The Twisted Narcissist.

You can prevail through this stage by owning your responsibility for being A Willing Victim.

In doing so you will break the cycle for the rest of your life.

The freedom will shift back to you.
Once you own the responsibility, your feelings will suddenly be altered.

It may feel difficult but this is the only way out.
Stop being A Willing Victim because Narcissists never do their work alone.

Hold your ground and stay strong.

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