A Beautiful Disaster!

It is allowing your walls to come down slowly and as apprehensive as you might be you let him in so easily.

You are honest.
No matter how many times being honest has screwed you  over but it is all you seem to know.

To be honest in a world full of liars is among life’s greatest accomplishment.

He peaks your curiosity enough to lure you in.

He appears complicated yet fascinating all wrapped up in one.

You let him in like a force you can’t control nor do you want to.

Then you let him take you.

You say things you mean and you kind of hope he does too.

And just when you think things are going well something suddenly changes.

There is the slight shift like a change in the wind and you feel it.

Maybe in his tone.
Maybe the underlying tone of a joke he made.

Maybe in the way he looked at you differently.

Noticing these things is like a sixth sense even if he is unaware of what he is doing.

It is like the calm before the storm.

You begin to watch as the clouds get darker and the temperature changes ,, you know what is coming.

A storm is on it’s way and it is bound to destroy you.

He is bound to destroy you.
First it is a text unanswered.
Next it is some nonsense explanation that if you are lucky to even get it.

Followed by internal questions how did this happen and was it something you did?

Finally you try to fix things to how it used to be but trying to fix anything when the eye of the storm hits is both useless and disappointing.

Sometimes it is better to leave things broken then cut up yourself in the attempt to restore what is long gone and lost.

The truth is he was never yours to begin with and maybe that is what got you.

Maybe you knew it all along.

He looked at you with that smile that was almost angelic.

You learnt though The Devil doesn’t come with horns and a warning sign but instead
He comes looking like everything you have ever wanted.

But how could something so beautiful be so deceiving?

He enters your life only to leave.
He picks you up and drop you wherever he chooses only to exit with a little bit of chaos and grace.

You watch from a distance as he goes and touch down on a new territory.

Then you find yourself missing him.
Despite how much destruction and unnecessary tears you cried over him, you miss the excitement of it all.

Because even those who are scared of storms won’t admit that they like it even a little bit.

When things are put back together including yourself, you stand tall realising that no matter how bad it was he didn’t destroy you.

It is only when you reflect you realise why the most beautiful storms are named after people.

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