I Used To Call You My Prince Charming.

I used to love you.

I used to assume you would be in my world forever, there was no doubt in my mind about it.

I was convinced you were the one.

That is why I gave you a second chance, a third, a fourth and a fifth. 

I forgave you whenever you apologised.
I even forgave you when you didn’t bother to apologise and when you turned around the next day and acted like nothing ever happened.

I let you get away with murder.
I let you do unspeakable things, things that my standards never should have allowed.

I loved you so much that I let your mistakes slide.

I lowered my expectations because of you.
I let you become the exception to my rules.

Even after everything that happened and after everything that you have done,

I still wanted to forgive you again.
I wanted to go back to the way things were before.

I wanted to erase the bad things you have said from my mind and start fresh.

But I can’t do it anymore.
I can’t handle another disappointment.

I used to think you were capable of changing but it’s clear that you are never going to act any differently.

You keep repeating the same things, things you swore you would never do.

You keep making promises and failing to keep any.

You keep hurting me again and again and again.

I lost friends over you.
I lost my sanity over you.
I lost out on happiness because of you.

But you only gained from me.

You gained someone who listened, Someone who cared.

Someone who had your back.
Someone who trusted you even when you proved you couldn’t be trusted at all.

But now you are finally the one losing that I gained back my freedom.

Now that I left and refused to look back. 

I used to love you.
I used to give you chances like candy so the fact that am finally done is a big deal.

It means you did something unforgivable.
It means you crossed an invisible line.
It means you have hurt me one too many times.
It means this is your fault.

I gave you everything I had to give but now I ran out of energy.

You have taken all of my optimism, all of my hope, all of my faith and burnt it to charcoal.

You made me hate you.
You made me hate myself for trusting you and believing in you blindly.

I was warned so many times to stay away from you because you can never love but I didn’t listen and now I hope I have had listened to all the warnings.

I used to believe EVERYONE was a good person by nature, I now KNOW firsthand that there are EVIL people who walk the earth.

After what you did and still doing I saw that people can lie, mislead and manipulate just to feel strong but believe this,

Only cowards defend themselves through slander, deceit and dishonesty ,, You showed me that you have no honour and no manners.

I will forgive myself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight.

You lied to obtain power by deception but I know for a fact that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it’s pants on and the truth will always come out in the end.

Had I listened to the advice of others about how you were treating me instead of trying to understand your perspective I may have been able to avoid the shock and heartbreak you caused.

I can honestly say that I know you are chained to inhumanity and your existence truly is eerie.

You have no soul, no conscience or a sense of guilt.

I don’t make baseless claims to blame.
I was taught that all blame must be evidenced based and all of mine to you have been as such.

One day your mask will fall off and everyone will see The Monster I had to deal with alone, they will see The Demon behind your angelic face.

You destroyed me over and over but I built myself back up into someone you will never have the honour of getting to know.

To SY.
A man I used to respect beyond any imagination, A man I tried my best to find excuses to all what he did because I didn’t want to hate him or lose respect for him.

You kept on proving that you are a man with no conscience, no sympathy and no honour, now am grateful for all what happened and that I was able to see the truth behind your fake charming smile.


  • I am much better and definitely stronger but to heal 100% that’s a long process and I know I won’t give up.

  • I have been through your post.. You are really a very strong person.. The things that happened increased your faith and clarity of life.. !

    I am lil curious to know who exaclty is the “YOU”..

    • I’m someone who was accused of being the worst person ever by the Man I loved and cherished.
      I was about to lose everything simply because I loved Devil.
      I found a strength in me that I never thought I have so I decided to launch this site to help those who are still struggling to believe what’s real 😊

      • Your site is really very courageous.. The way you describe in depth.. It’s really worth reading your post.. How so ever long it is 😊

      • Thank you so much for your lovely words, it means a lot ❤️

      • Your efforts are really appreciated.. I hope ypu are doing much much much better than before.. And through the courage you have gained.. You have an organised life.. and a greater dream to follow!

  • Worst thing is to lose respect for someone 😔

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