A Glimpse Of My Story With You.

Dear SY.

We met on the 2nd of AUG 2016.
I saw you and you took my breathe away.
I wasn’t suppose to be on that duty but I was assigned on the last minute didn’t know then that it was fate.

We talked for almost 7 hours and it felt like we have known each other for so long even though it was the first time to see each other.

I told all my friends about you because I couldn’t believe that men like you still existed.

You were such a charming gentleman and even though you were 17 years older than me I really didn’t care.

I met you again when I had my meeting on Thanksgiving day of 2016.

You stopped me while I was leaving and said that you saw me and was waiting for me to finish the meeting to come and say hi.

It blown my mind away and I was so happy because I didn’t believe that you still remember me.

After that we started texting and flirting.
I met you again on the 4th of January 2017 after I asked you if I can present you a late Christmas Gift and you happily agreed.

We talked for about 2 hours which later you claimed it was only 15 minutes.

The good night and good morning texts were all I was looking for and you were such A Talented Manipulator.

Then you started to flip and your mask started to fall off.

People warned me and advised me to stay away from you but I didn’t listen because I didn’t want to listen and I didn’t want to believe what everyone was saying about you.

I received messages from anonymous numbers sending me screen shots of your chat history on the dating websites and the sex websites that you registered on.

The conversations when you had to mention me and say lies with complete strangers and just for the sake of lying.

This was when your reality shocked me.
When I discovered that you are nothing but a fraud.

My mistake was that I confronted you because deep down I was hoping that you could prove them wrong but I didn’t know that I have unleashed A Merciless Monster and opened all gates of hell on me.

Your main aim was to destroy me and get me fired from my job because I have discovered what a low life man you are.

God you played your game so well but God was by my side the whole time and for that I will always be thankful.

You can’t imagine how much I despise you.
You are a man of no honour.
A man of no word.

A heartless sick manipulator who never had a conscious.

In your attempt to break me and without you noticing it, you have actually made me stronger and more determined.

I didn’t know how strong I was until I had to fight for myself and for everything I cared for.

For someone who’s in his 50’s and still does what you do is pathetic.

I loved you from all my heart and you enjoyed breaking me.

I wish I had listened when everyone warned me and asked me to stay away from you because you are A Predator with no conscious.

Everyday for the past 2 years I used to find out that you lied about everything.

You lied when you didn’t tell me you are still married.

You can’t imagine how sick I felt when I came to know that you are still married.

Knowing what a cheater you are with all your profiles and affairs.

I used to call you Prince Charming now whenever you cross my mind I remind myself that you are The Devil In Disguise.

I don’t hate you because hate requires a lot of energy and I won’t waste it on you.

Now as much as I loved you I actually despise you and I feel sorry for you.

You are a coward who didn’t even have the dignity to confront me but instead you went spreading lies and accused me of doing to you everything you did to me.

You know you are a liar and that’s why you couldn’t confront me.

Now I know what A Pathetic Excuse Of A Man you are.


  • This is so heart breaking , betrayal is the worst feeling anyone can feel 💔

    • Betrayal changes who we are forever 💔

  • Do u still love him ?
    I cannot seem to get over mine 💔

    • I don’t think anyone can stop loving someone they truly loved, it took me years to move on and till this day my heart beats faster when I see him.
      My feelings are not the same and I know that I have moved on but the pain he caused bleeds whenever I see him.
      Unfortunately Narcissists are Predators, they have no remorse and they don’t care how deeply they’ve hurt you ,, believe me I saw this first hand when his eyes showed no remorse or regrets for shattering my heart.
      You will move on ❤️

  • Thank you so much 🤗

  • OMG this is extremely cruel, I have 2b glad that u didn’t get involved with this kind of an individual.
    U r a fighter & a survivor & u have 2b proud of urself ❤️

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