A Healing Opportunity ..

It’s difficult to maintain our spiritual practice when we are in the midst of turmoil.

However, sometimes turmoil is our chance to deepen our practice.

When we go through a separation we are inclined to retire into our shells and sink further down.

We might also retreat from any activity or practice that we maintained before the heartbreak.

We have all been there.
We all know that cutting the cord with the person we love automatically cuts an integral cord within ourselves.

But while we struggle to find a way out of the chaos, the chaos can assist us in opening our hearts and minds.

Though breakups are not favourable, it is our opportunity to look inward and turn a dismal experience into a personal growth.

Here’s how we can begin.

Confronting the pain.
Experiencing feelings of turmoil is inevitable during a breakup.

We usually try to escape the pain, mask it or fight it.

While this might be our habitual way to deal with what is arduous, sitting with our emotions will have a more rewarding result.

When we observe the emotions that arise within us without any judgment or resistance we automatically release it.

Unconditional self love.
This is your chance to take care of yourself and strengthen the relationship you have with you.

Breakups have the tendency to lower our self esteem, increase our guilt trips or highlight our shortcomings.

However, this is the time to love yourself just the way you are and be patient with yourself as you work through what you think needs improvement.

Breakups are a wonderful opportunity to practice acceptance.

We are prone to defy life when it throws unexpected outcomes at us.

But sometimes those unexpected outcomes force us to accept the events that are unfolding at this moment.

After a whole lot of struggle and fighting against life’s wishes, we find ourselves surrendering to what is coming next.

The ugly side of breakups is the inability to forgive ourselves or others for what has transpired.

Oftentimes we move on and still wear the grudge like a necklace we refuse to take off.

No matter how far we go or how successful we become, resentment will never bring us comfort or peace.

To forgive, understand that you or the other person didn’t know better at the time.

Know that the things we believe shouldn’t happen are actually happening at the exact right time in our lives.

Taking responsibility.
Owning up to our mistakes might be challenging because we don’t like to think that we committed any to begin with.

But when it comes to breakups, it is never entirely the other person’s fault.

We always play a role in the sinking of the relationship even if it is just one percent.

Taking responsibility for our own actions, reactions and speech is liberating and it teaches us to do better next time.

Unconditional happiness.
Our happiness is almost constantly dependent on external sources.

When we are in a relationship, our partner becomes an imperative part of the perpetuity of our happiness.

We only realise the significance of his presence when he becomes absent.

So instead of longing to bring back the source of our joy, this is our chance to find it within.

Transcending love.
Going separate ways with the one we love is certainly not our wish but sometimes it forces itself upon us.

Learning to love someone while we are with him is already tough but how about learning to love him when he is not around?

With time and patience we realise that love transcends through absence.

It is no longer bound by expectations and doubts.

It becomes unconditional and experiencing it allows us to awaken on a deeper level.

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