A Letter To The So-Called Prince Charming ,, To You SY.

Dear Prince Charming, dear SY,

At the beginning it was as if I was living in a fairytale.

You and I created memories that seemed nowhere near reality.

Every problem we had, you made me think that we can conquer it.

Every time I looked into your eyes, I saw a bright future.

Every car ride we shared made everyday a little brighter than usual.

Every time I was in your presence, you brought me pure happiness.

Every wistful moment I thought of with you made me feel as if I was a princess.

The unforgettable memories seemed to take over my heart and mind, but it was then when I started to realise heartbreak was just around the corner.

The heartbreak made my world turn upside down.

I never pictured us splitting apart the way we did.

I could always tell when certain things didn’t seem just right.

Our conversations became shorter.
The love turned into hate.

You slowly started to ignore me.
You never would say the sweet comments anymore.

Every fond memory turned into a memory like a sieve, but I never could wrap my head around the reason why.

I never understood why you used me.
I never understood why you led me on.
I never understood why you lied.

I never understood why you cheated.
I never understood why you would want to hurt me when you said you never would.

I never understood why you left when you told me you weren’t going anywhere.

You ripped my heart completely out of my chest.
I have never felt such betrayal or deception until you put me through it.

I have never bawled my eyes out more than I did that night.

I couldn’t breathe because it was as if I could feel my heart shattering at that exact moment.

You made me feel worthless.
You made me second guess the kind of love I deserve.

You made me force myself not to call you, text you or even try to see you.

You tore me apart but yet you seemed completely put together.

I wanted to hate you but I couldn’t force myself to do so.

I felt as if the heartbreak never would leave, but then I looked at the bigger picture and saw the light at the end of this dark and blurry tunnel.

You broke me into multiple pieces; however, I picked myself up and became a better person.

After I focused on the positive and started to understand that you gave me more than a broken heart.

You made me realise you were toxic for me.
You made me stronger and wiser.
You made me focus on my own happiness.

You showed me everything I missed out on while loving you.

You proved to me that I deserve better.
You taught me that I should always put myself first.

You made me realise that I should be able to trust my significant other.

You made me understand that I had to let you go.

You tried breaking me to the point I would crash and burn but I didn’t.

I proved you wrong and I have never been more pleased to be able to look in the mirror and not want to cry because I didn’t think I could ever be good enough.

Ever since the day we went our separate ways, I knew we would hardly speak again but to this day I hope you are doing ok.

I hope you are happy.
I hope you have become a better man.
I hope you learnt from your mistakes and started to work on your flaws.

Not only do I hope all is well but I also want to tell you thank you.

Thank you for letting me suffer through the pain you caused me.

Thank you for making me move onto better things rather than you and I.

Thank you for showing me that I have goals in my life and I need to focus on it.

Thank you for breaking my heart and showing me that “the one” is still out there.

Thank you for the good memories that I will remember you by.

Most of all, thank you for not being my Prince Charming even though I so wanted you to be.

Even though sometimes a part of me still hopes you would come back one day, thankfully I know that you would never have the courage to face me again.


  • How can u wish him well after all the hurt?
    U must be an Angel to write this amazing words.
    Thank u because u opened my eyes that hate is not the answer ❤️

    • Because I loved him with all my heart I can’t hate him and I don’t want to hate him.
      Thank you for your beautiful words ❤️😘

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