A Narcissist Knows Nothing Except How To Hate.

Hatred is shown in each and every action of A Covert Narcissist.

Hatred is one of the only things that persists throughout each and every one of the Narcissist’s relationships.

Hatred was there for the very first love bombing, hatred was there for your devaluation and hatred will be there for your replacement’s inevitable discard.

Every action The Covert Narcissist takes has been marinaded in hatred.

When The Covert Narcissist appears to you as a fraud, selling true love manufactured out of malice and filled with lies and betrayal, there is hatred.

When The Covert Narcissist convinces you that you are special to him, that he cares about you, that he would protect you and that he would never hurt you, those lies bask in hatred.

When The Covert Narcissist poisons your soul with his constant, insidious, unrelenting criticisms of your most treasured character attributes, when he tears you down and strips you of the things you have always been proud to possess, these are fuelled by hatred.

When The Covert Narcissist engages in psychologically damaging, mind altering gaslighting techniques that aim at damaging your mind and destroying your joy in life, these are bourn of hatred.

When The Covert Narcissist reaches for your hand, smiles at you and assures you that everything will be ok to just trust him, he is always been right before, remember?

This treasonous charade is the epitome of hatred as you close your eyes and reach your hand out to his.

He whispers into your ear as you start to relax and lose yourself into his familiar touch, as you wilfully hold onto the hope that it hasn’t all been a cruel lie, as you once more mistakenly attribute some spark of decency and humanity to his character.

And he leans in to embrace you, he pulls you so tight that he takes the breath out of you, he pushes his warm mouth to your ear and inhales your essence.

You stand that way for what seems like an eternity unable to pull breath into your lungs, unable to move and unable to think until you are certain that you will collapse and finally his embrace lets up and you suck the cold air in greedily and painfully.

And The Narcissist pulls back and when you look into his eyes, your blood runs cold.

The creature staring at you is a stranger gazing at you with dead lifeless eyes.

His face is impassive, his mouth is twisted into just the slightest hint of amusement and with a great burst of force, he shoves you reeling backwards over a cliff.

A cliff you had no idea he had been leading you toward, a cliff that seemed to always loom behind you, a cliff you could sense in a way but could never actually prove existed.

And as you fall into the darkness, you can only think of this pervasive hate that is the very essence of a relationship with A Covert Narcissist.

If you had the right tools and if you had the proper knowledge, you could find hate expressed in the very fabric of the false persona The Covert Narcissist creates and you could find it replicating in the DNA of his cells.

You could see its presence in the atoms that make up his false kingdom.

Hate Is The Covert Narcissist.

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  • OMG this is amazing and so accurate.
    It brought tears to my eyes & made me think back only to realize that it’s all so accurate.

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