A Narcissist Self Defence!

There is a certain sense in which everything A Narcissist does is motivated by a powerful self defence mechanism.

He perceives himself to be perpetually vulnerable.

He knows it, He feels it, He is weak and that’s why he latches on to a stronger person, an empath who cares, who will protect and defends him, who will cover up his crimes, feed him, love him, forgive his abusive behaviour and make sure that this emotional child in an adult body is kept warm and safe.

That’s also why he projects strength and confidence.

He knows that he is an incomplete human being who has no choice but to fake it until he make it.

His lies are a self defence.
He can’t let his true, incomplete self be seen.

His betrayals are a self defence.
He must abandon you before you abandon him.
He knows that you should abandon him and it’s just a matter of time.

His gaslighting and word salad is a self defence.
If you can’t see the truth then you can’t see the truth about him.

Keeping you in the dark is all that he thinks he can do to insure his survival as he parasitically leech off of you.

His retaliation and smear campaign is a self defence.

It’s a preemptive attack upon you to preserve the false self he has projected to the world.

You know the truth about him.
If that gets out, he presumes that he will be ruined.

In a self-defence mode he slanders you first.
He poisons the well and insure that the truths you tell about him is not believed.

His love bombing to you is a self defence.
He must reel you in quickly and secure you as a primary source because he knows that if you were to see what he truly is, you would reject and abandon him.

I could go on but I feel confident asserting the proposition that nearly everything A Narcissist does is motivated by a self preservation.

He is an incomplete human being and he knows it.

He needs us but we don’t need him so he must find a way to convince us to nurture him because he can’t fend for himself in this world.

It’s all a self defence for A Narcissist.

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