A Narcissist Will Always Reveal His True Self!

It’s important to inform people about Narcissism in general.

It is a daunting task because The Narcissist is manipulative and hides behind a veil of lies that most can’t see through.

As you tell your friends and others about the abuse you have suffered and if you try to warn them you will be met with disbelief and will be labeled as crazy.

To those who have never encountered such emotional and psychological abuse your story will sound insane to them but don’t let that discourage you.

If you plant the seed of doubt in the minds of The Narcissist’s so called friends or flying monkeys The Narcissist will always out himself by living up to your claims.

Also remember that Narcissists always tell on themselves through the half truth so eventually the light will be shown on their lies and manipulations.

A Narcissist will not take responsibility for any of his bad, distasteful or questionable actions.

To him someone else always has forced him to respond the way he did.

This isn’t just for the discard.

That trait and many others follow him throughout his life.

It is how he has survived since his childhood.

His sense of self is skewed.
He maintains his self judgement usually at a minimal acceptable level and rely on others to raise his self awareness.

Blaming others for his short falls allows him to accept his minimal self levels and to maintain it.

He seeks the attention, praise, control, power and whatever he needs to raise his feelings of self from external sources.

Normal people if they took a hit in their estimation will accept it as their responsibility and look for a way to redeem it themselves.

They will apologise and admit that their behaviour was wrong.

Whether the apology is accepted or not won’t matter because it’s the right thing to do.

A Narcissist doesn’t have that luxury.
He can’t self regulate his sense of self.
If his behaviour is wrong or hurtful he won’t accept to be blamed because if he did it will lower his sense of self.

So someone else must be blamed.
He will project all his mistakes and hurtful behaviour onto his victims to save face and keep his externally supported sense of self untouched.

When he starts his smearing campaign against you try not to worry or fret about what he is saying.

He is trying to protect himself from himself.
Quietly walk away with your head held high.

You know the truth and your true friends do too.
Those who listens and buy in to his skewed reality shouldn’t matter to you.

Don’t give him what he wants and respond to the smear campaign.

He is manipulating you to do just that in order to prove his point.

No contact is your best policy.
Sooner or later those who believes him now will be the recipients of his wrath.

Narcissists always end up biting the hand that once helped them.

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