A Narcissist’s Behaviour!

A Narcissist torments, A Narcissist misbehaves and all Narcissists are the same when it comes to this.

A Narcissist misbehaves in an utterly offensive way, this is where all of them are alike.

Overt, Covert and Malignant.
They are all about offending you.

Even the quite Lovable and Charming Coverts.
So beware.

What you can’t readily see can hurt you.
All Narcissists torment spiritually and this how they destroys you.

Not all Narcissists are physically abusive.
Not all Narcissists are verbally abusive.
Narcissistic Abuse is not mental.
It’s purely and utterly spiritual and emotional.

The only word that sums up the whole Narcissistic Behaviour is the slow murder of your will.

All Narcissists Are at War With Reality.
They refuse to recognise or subordinate themselves to any higher power or authority because in their mind they are always right.

Reality sometimes clashes with that distorted self-perception and that can prompt A Narcissist’s Rage.

All Narcissists Are Deceptive
Deceit is a hallmark of disturbed personalities but some Narcissists are more skilled in subtle forms of Deception ,, these are The Covert Narcissists.

I call them Covert Demons and they have raised it to an art form.

All Narcissists have a toxic sense of shame that is not self-directed.

All Narcissists are ego-centric.
All Narcissists are Manipulative.

They engage in a tactic to resist standards and avoid the responsibility.

The primarily conscious is planned and aimed to block internalising social standards.

To externalise blame, enabling others and scapegoating them besides being a weapon to make a good impression.

All Narcissists demean, degrade, triangulate, manipulate, lie, cheat, deceive, discard, hoover and discard again.

Narcissists never feel guilt or remorse.
All Aggressive personalities are Narcissistic Personality Variants.

Some of them score more on the malignancy spectrum and go more physically abusive.

Some others are just into tearing you down verbally and emotionally.

Time after time, the cuts and bruises will heal or insults will be forgotten but the spiritual torture will hunt you long after The Narcissist is gone because this is what it’s all about.

A Narcissist behaves in a way to bend your soul, feed on it and your vulnerability exposes his empty heart made of hate.

A Narcissist’s behaviour is a way to give you pain and torment you spiritually because simply you are being compassionate.

A Narcissist’s behaviour is an ugly way and you will hear him talking about his helplessness and powerlessness.

No one is helpless and no one is powerless.
For Narcissists your vulnerability and your open wounds stirs their thirst for blood.

This is why they are so cruel at discarding.

They say it’s a childhood trauma.
They say they are Victims.

A Narcissist behaves in the worst possible case scenario ever and takes the bad option always because he has some serious problems with his own fate.

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