A Victim On The Road Of Becoming A Survivor!

You have to understand that this is quite different than a normal breakup.

You will be experiencing constant rumination, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts about The Narcissist both positive and negative and you will be suffering emotional and psychological effects as a result.

The trauma you are experiencing induces sensations of acute anxiety and panic attacks.

You may also be experiencing physical effects from the trauma such as changes to your appetite and extreme weight loss or gain, hair loss or chronic illness.

You have to understand that it wasn’t your fault and there is nothing you could have done to prevent the outcome of what you have experienced.

You must also understand that there is no hope or potential for your desired outcome to ever happen, you will never get back together with The Narcissist romantically and he will never and never again be your friend.

Cut off all contact with The Narcissist and his associations.

By remaining involved with the source of your trauma in any way, be it directly or indirectly through common associations, you continue to expose yourself to repeated incidents of trauma and you won’t be able to heal.

You need to identify the root cause of why your boundaries were eroded in the first place that allowed The Narcissist into your life and establish proper boundaries for moving forward.

Be happy with being on your own and find fulfilment within yourself.

The Narcissist was likely filling some perceived void in your life and you need to learn how to give this to yourself without the help of others.

Refrain from getting romantically involved with anyone until you are healed from this deeply traumatic experience.

Let relationships form organically through the building of genuine mutual respect and trust.

It is said that we never truly heal from Narcissistic Abuse.

There is no magic pill or hypnotic method that will erase the damage that The Narcissist did to you.

It is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rape The Narcissist caused and it takes time, patience and a lot of self-care to heal from.

You will never forget the experience totally.
You will be a changed person but the goal is to change for the better.

You have to accept that you did hit the most emotionally painful point in your entire life.

Survival takes time.
You can’t just pull yourself together.
You have much to get your head around.

I had to learn that I’m A Victim and on the road to becoming A Survivor.

I had to realise that it wasn’t my fault but the man I loved had serious issues that he needs to address.

I had to remember that I’m a nice person who is generous, empathetic and sympathetic, after all that is why he targetted me.

Above all I had to learn to trust people again.

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