After All You Have Been Through!!

The thing about Narcissists is that they aren’t satisfied with just breaking up and going their separate ways.

They want to break you.
They want you to suffer.
They want your heart and your spirit destroyed and they will do whatever it takes to make sure this happens.

So, here’s the person you loved so much, trusted entirely and thought hung the moon and stars, essentially eviscerating you on every level of your being.

Now you are not just grieving for the loss of the person you loved but also your willingness to place your trust in anyone or to love anyone else.

After the complete destruction of everything you thought you knew, everything you thought you had, everything you loved and everything you believed in, how could it be anything but a long way to the restoration of yourself and your life?

To make matters worse, you find out how deep their betrayal went, how many lies they told and how many people you thought were friends who were actually ready to believe the worst of you and believe The Narcissist’s lies ,, even the lies that were s outrageous and was just plain ridiculous.

There’s no way anyone can just pop out the other side of their own destruction and walk away intact.

Getting past what is possibly the worst time of your life is going to take time.

You can’t just forgive and forget.
You will have to work hard just to make it through the day, much less all the debris that was your life.

You will need to be kind to yourself.
At a time when you are at your lowest, try to remember that all you did was to love someone so much and that the person you loved was seriously mentally ill and always will be.

Don’t worry about trying to fix the relationship because it’s way too late for that and it can’t be done anyway.

Instead, spend your time seeking out ways to heal and seek out people who love and care for you and who can help make you feel safe and loved.

You will get through it.
It’s going to take longer than you would like and you will basically have to rebuild your life from the ground up.

Show yourself the same kindness and compassion you would to someone else in similar circumstances.

The Narcissist chose you because of your kindness, compassion and empathy so make sure to extend those qualities to yourself.

After all you have been through, you deserve it!

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