After You Broke My Heart I Learnt My Own Strength.

I lost my soul in trying to make you happy.
I was the one who always believed in herself but some how you managed to break that.

There is no easy way to explain my emotional struggle after you broke my heart but this isn’t about the pain you have inflicted on me.

It is about hope.
It is about closure.

Something truly beautiful came out of this pain.

I found renewed love in all of the other things that are perfectly capable of making me happy.

In my lonely days I learnt to discover comfort and warmth within myself.

Now I no longer seek approval outside but I seek it within.

I became so much stronger and content in being myself after letting go of what brought me down.

Transformation was inevitable since the day you walked out on me and all the superficial things that mattered to me before ceased to matter at all.

It is funny they say that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I don’t know if that statement can be applied more realistically to anything than a heartbreak.

Now I have more clarity in my thoughts than ever and once again I am ready to believe in love.

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.
~Maya Angelou~

I’m so much better than I was before.
It is now incredibly rare for me to be out of action completely.

I live with the pain you have given me but it is manageable.

Like anything else in life I have learnt to adapt.

Now I know for sure that even without you I’m whole.

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