Again I’m Able To Breathe.

The thing is I woke up one day and I didn’t care anymore and it didn’t hurt.

It’s gone, the pain and the hurt is gone.
I don’t want him and I don’t even like him like before.

I finally broke the bond that was holding me a prisoner for so long.

I feel stronger than ever and I know that no matter what happens I will never need him or allow him to hurt me again.

I don’t need him anymore in my life.
I finally began to see a life without The Narcissist.

I could think of him and dismiss the thought without any strong emotions.

The ok days are more numerous than ever.
I have a good day or part of one then another.

I looked after myself in a better way and I started taking better care of myself.

I started to come out of my cave and I was done licking my wounds.

I can find myself looking forward to something.
I don’t hold back talking about him when I visit friends anymore.

Friends I now visit for the right reasons and not to just seek comfort because I miss him.

It was a slow process but it happened and just because I couldn’t track it didn’t mean that it wasn’t happening.

You can speed it up by learning to push the thought of him from your mind when you think of him.

Acknowledge the thought, dismiss it and think of something else and I’m telling you that it can be done.

The bond can be broken.


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