Am I Finally Free?!

You need to understand that once A Narcissist is with you he puts you in his back pocket for a later date when his supply is low or nonexistent.

He already knows you, your likes, your dislikes and how to manipulate you.

You are an easy prey for him!
So he will tell you that he has changed.
He will tell you that he realised you are the only one for him.

He will often say that he will even get therapy to mend his ways and prove his love is worthy.

He will beg and beg you into giving him another chance.

He will say that you are the one he truly really loves.

These are things said by Narcissists so they can manipulate you back into their lives.

Don’t believe one word of it because he is a Pathological Liar.

He will do and say whatever he can to convince you that he is serious in getting back to you.

Of course he is in such a need to get back to you because he needs someone to criticise, put down and throw under the bus so he can feel better about himself.

If you follow that No Contact rule 100% it will work because to him you won’t be accessible.

I will tell you that if you go back to him a second time it will seem like child’s play the first time.

It will be so much more difficult to leave a second time because he knows you left the first time so he is now prepared.

Narcissists are considered TOXIC all over the world.

Stay away!
Move on!
Get on with your life!

This is what you need to incorporate in your life and only then can you be free!

I used to ask questions because I wanted to find a ray of hope of him coming back to me but what I got instead was a clear confirmation of his nature.

If he doesn’t come back then trust and believe that it’s a blessing from GOD.

I used to ask God to bring him back to me or even to make him remember me but I was only giving him another chance to hurt me.

He may be gone for days, weeks, months, years and even decades but he will come back eventually.

I read about a woman who’s Narcissist came back 10 years later.
Some even 50 years later.

If you are free try to consider yourself lucky even if you still love him and are still hurting believe me it’s for your own good.

Being with or without him will hurt but being without him will hurt less overtime.

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  • Every word you write is so true.
    Thank you for everything 😘❤️

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