An Endless Scene In The Narcissist’s Show!!

The narrative began the day you met.
It took me a long time to figure this out.
It’s what he does.

It’s been almost three years and centrality never goes away.

You have to not care about what he says or does.

For him any attention whether positive or negative feeds centrality.

With The Narcissist it was forever present as he made up lies to his family, coworkers and other women.

The narrative was used to isolate, lower my self esteem and most of all justify his actions as he led a double life.

For him it’s about playing the victim.

Just because it’s over doesn’t mean the performance has ended.

The Smart Campaign is simply another scene in The Narcissist’s show.

He knows he’s guilty so his only way to mask his guilt is to create a diversion.
The easiest way to create a diversion is to create a bunch of false storylines.

The Narcissist is excellent in storytelling so his lies are bound to get people’s heads spinning.

He will continue to smear because he knows his stories are false.

As much as he is trying to convince others of his innocence, your absence makes his feelings of shame, guilt and rejection rise.

He fears that your complete and utter absence is going to give a clue to people about his guilt.

Thus he rushes to spread more lies to distract people from your absence.

He will continue to smear you because you didn’t run back to him.

He is afraid you will tell the truth on him.
He can no longer control you.
He also likes to hear himself talking to others pretending to be the victim.

This will only last so long until these people see the true person he is.

Trust that the truth will come out even if it takes time but it will always prevail.

The Narcissist does whatever it is he does.
He got a bit obsessed even with that because he himself knows deep inside that what he is saying isn’t true.

He needs to keep feeding that beast to make it stick.

His perceptions and generally the way he thinks and live is so distorted that he actually does end up believing his own lies through the reactions of others whom he convinced that you are a bad person.

He starts with wanting to punish you and hurt you and then he has to believe you are what he says otherwise he will have to look into himself and to what he did.

He needs to prove he was right otherwise he will end up being the bad one and he can never allow this to happen.


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