Are Narcissists Aware Of Their Cruelty?!

Make no mistake, they break you without a single thought of remorse or regret.

Does a vampire regret killing his victim to satisfy his thirst?

Of course not and neither do Narcissists.

While there are multitudes of Narcissist Personality Disorders, the worst is probably Malignant Narcissism as these creatures actually get a perverse glee from inflicting pain and suffering onto their victims.

They are practically sadistic in their pursuit.
The Great White Shark of Narcissists.

From the moment they lay eyes on you and decide that you are their next victim.

They don’t like you, which is why they targeted you.

They don’t like that you may be smarter than them, that you are so much more classier than them, that you have accomplished so much more than them and they want you to be that extension of them because “you have it all together“.

They planned the cruel stuff against you because you are better than them and you are liked by others more than them.

Narcissists will plan to screw you over just to see you suffer.

So they mirror you, question you, love bomb you, then start to devalue you.

Once they have you attached to them, they can have their final episode and they are ready to throw you in the trash.

Then they walk away patting themselves on the shoulders saying,I got another one and broke her down, when are these fools going to learn not to trust me because I’m invincible.

Yes, they are very much aware that you are nothing to them and that they will embarrass you as much as they can just to see you cry, beg and plead for them to come back.

If you are in this situation, run away before they destroy your life.

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