Are Narcissists Bad People?!

Narcissists misses the boat on being people altogether.

People are connected to other people through empathy, shared emotions and common ground.

Narcissists have themselves.

They are dangerous.

They have no love in their hearts.

Lack of love is a definition of evil.

If there could be a way to positively identify them there should be a bounty on them.

But after helping people who are totally shattered by Narcissistic Abuse and experiencing it my self I can’t say that they are not bad or Evil people.

Going through life stripped of your ability to enjoy it, is a terrible waste.

Fact and opinion share a thin line, especially when trying to understand Narcissists.

Narcissists are known for how cruel they are and yet have no remorse.

They also view others as their tools to accomplish whatever they have lurking inside their evil heads.

They are fuelled by vile and inappropriate bad behaviour.

Consequences are an urban myth or it is there for stupid people, according to their view.

If bad behaviour persists or begins when we are old enough to comprehend what behaviours are and what behaviours are not acceptable then there is no excuse.

Narcissists always have ulterior motives and we will always be wondering why they do such bad things?

Simply it is because they are bad heartless people.

I know alot might disagree with my statement but the truth hurts and we shouldn’t have to defend those who create a facade to lure us into their web whenever they need a recharge.

I grew tired of giving Narcissists the benefit of the doubt, as I know others have as well.

Anyone who chooses to hurt another person on a routine base to help themselves is a bad seed.

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