Are Narcissists Consciously Aware Of Hurting Others?!

Mine was fully aware and strung me along for sometime planning, waiting and calculating my demise.

He totally changed his act so as to try and fool me into thinking he was genuine.

Narcissists are great actors.
However I felt that something wasn’t right and that all his promises were hollow.

I felt nothing from him.
I knew I was in trouble on a certain level but was so mentally and spiritually drained.

I was brain fogged and could barely function.

I was living in a constant fight or flight scanning his every word and action.

His plan was to fully humiliate me and get me fired from work.

He had smeared me for months to add to the plan not only getting attention but also justification.

He was baiting for reactions, knowing how to press my buttons of abandonment and shame.

He had planned the discard all along.
He had been working on it all along using me in the process to others sympathy when he had instigated a row.

I will never forget the day he told me that we will talk next week as he was very tired from all the responsibility he’s carrying and wants to switch off and disconnect a bit.

Then he said I feel guilty because I feel like I’m abandoning you with the most smug and evil smirk I have ever seen.

He knew he was not coming back.
It was the plan all along.

I was punished for calling him out on his actions before.

He made phone calls baiting a reaction.
I highly suspect that I was on loud speaker so people could hear.

He manufactured chaos between everyone around him so he could then be centre stage as the peacekeeper and the white Knight.

He LOVED seeing people suffer at his hands.

Cold, calculating, patient, cruel and devoid of ANY human emotions of guilt, empathy and love.

People are there to serve his twisted delusional agenda nothing more.

He knew exactly what he was doing.
He’s planned it.

He gets a hit out of the power and control over people.

He is a puppet master.
He enjoys seeing people suffering especially those who have wronged him.

Those he had envy for.
Anyone who gets in his way.

He then gave himself away when he started to lie a lot.

He thought he was clever,
However I was always able to decipher his words.

He gave his intentions away.
Narcissists will underestimate us.

It was a mistake to underestimate me even in my fragile state.

I was able to call him out and shut the door on him.

I damn him to Hell.
I’m recovering slowly and working on myself and my self love.

I understand love based karma and am grateful I got out alive with the opportunity to grow, heal and really live.

I’m working hard to nurture myself and heal my broken heart.

I survived his evilness and I don’t believe that was just by chance.

Everything happens for a reason.
Don’t think for a second that he will change.

Narcissists can never change.
I managed to run for my freedom and established no contact.

I gave myself the gift of freedom and love because I knew that I was worth it.

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