Are Narcissists Good Observers?!

Narcissists have to be good observers to ensure their success.

Narcissists have a strict criteria that basically guarantees them to secure their victims.

To them a top shelf supply is an Empath.

Those who are loving, compassionate, kind and generous but they also have to be vulnerable, unconfident and naive because these will be easier to control and manipulate.

Narcissists are birds catchers.

In order to catch one Narcissists would have to study their habits meticulously and spend a lot of time and energy to see which is the best bait to use and what trap would suit.

There is a lot of time invested by the Narcissist in grooming a Victim.

It is a critical stage in gaining the victim’s trust.

Victim’s won’t stand a chance to escape especially if they have no knowledge about Narcissism.

When Narcissists were children they suffered from severe negligence, so much that they developed an enhanced the skill of manipulation.

They had to do this to survive because they never got their basic needs met.

Many of their feelings never developed due to their lack of attachment to a primary caregiver.

Without a full range of feelings and a true sense of self they had to watch others and learn how to behave.

They developed a strong ability to mirror others and used it as a manipulation technique.

Children tend do this to an extent but with a Reactive Attachment Disorder it is heightened.

Mirroring is learning the likes and dislikes of another and adopting it.

Narcissists have an impeccable mirroring skills.

They learn your behaviours, your body language and your habits through their excellent skill of observing then they use it to their advantage.

It is why most of the time they always have the upper hand at least at the beginning of the relationship.

They have a skills set that we never had to aquire.

After all Narcissists are Masters Manipulators.

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