Are Narcissists The Monsters We Make Them Out To Be?!

When I thought I had the most beautiful gift of love he left without warning.

I had no idea what happened to him.
I went into a shock for months.
I said to people Only someone like Hitler could do this to someone who loved him.

I believe I fell for A Hitler.

We never had an argument or major a disagreement.

Only someone as evil as the devil could fake that he cared about me and wanted to protect me.

In a behavioural and psychological aspect.
They are monstrous in the way they treat other people.

The monstrosity of the disorder is unrelenting pain and emotional trauma that they willingly inflict on others.

Narcissists generally are good looking, charming, well mannered and educated.

Inside their homes is where the evilness of the disorder comes out.

Narcissists in my belief know that something is not quite right with them and in order to compensate for this The Monster in them comes out.

Anyone who purposefully wreaks havoc and discord on another human being fits the bill of A Monster in my eyes.

They are calculative, predatory, controlling, and emotionless with the exception of their own pain and or needs.

They are like the boogie man under your bed at night.

They make a conscious decision to hurt the people who Love them the most.

Any human unable to feel compassion is extremely dangerous and should be avoided like the plague.

People in denial don’t understand that it’s not just the psychological battering but worse things like the absence of help in an emergency which is the worst.

We don’t have to make them out to be, they do it all on their own.

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