Are You Ready To Meet Your Narcissist?!

I have wasted enough time on my Narcissist already.

I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction or the pleasure of draining anymore life and energy from me.

The Awful Truth is that most of us who were actually Victims of Abuse, had to go through a lot more abuse, pain and effort to even realise or rationalise the process of that reality!

No one wants to be a victim!

And True Victims of Abuse are usually the LAST to realise or acknowledge that sobering fact.

Most Victims of Abuse are so conditioned into feeling responsible for all the problems in that relationship.

It’s just normal for us to apologise for everything and not to expect that we deserve more.

After all Abusers convinced us to be the ones creating all the problems, RIGHT?!

But the truth is, we are the ones who don’t like to make waves or rock the boat.

We want to keep the peace, play it safe and see the best in people.

We tend to rationalise that things aren’t that bad until they are so severe and overwhelming to us and too dangerous to live with.

That’s when IT becomes Real to us.

That’s when we recognise Who We Are and what we have been living with.

I know for me and for most people who are Victims of Abuse, it’s just so hard to admit to.

It’s such a Final and an Impossible reality to live with.

There is No Going Back.
There is No happy ending.
It’s a tragedy and it’s over.

We have been completely diminished, deceived and discredited.

We are left to constantly second guess and question everything we thought we knew and what we can never be sure of.

• How did we let this happen to us?
• What does it say about us?
• Is anyone in the world honest, real or safe?
• Is it too late to ask for help or start over?
• Will I ever find love again?
• Will I even recognise what love is after this?
• Will people think any less of me when they know I was abused?
• Will people always feel sorry for me?
• Am I really worth all the effort?

It’s such an overwhelming struggle to HEAL from all that damage and learn to cope with it!

The very last thing I would ever do is give the person who caused me all that PAIN and DOUBT another chance to add to it or abuse me again.

I had to mourn his death while he is still alive but the man I fell for wasn’t real that’s why it was easy for me to consider him dead.

After all he is dead to me.

I had to BELIEVE that I’m more valuable than that in order to heal.

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