Because We Can’t Do Much!

I was in love with someone that I trusted, invested my whole heart in and envisioned an endless future with.

That person abused me, hurt me and then replaced me without a second thought.

So am I suppose to feel grateful?
It’s a very noble goal to feel grateful after being abused and hurt like that.

We should all strive for peace, love, forgiveness and gratitude but there’s no reason for us to sit around wondering why that doesn’t come easy.

I have every reason to feel very hurt.
The way The Narcissist entices people is the equivalent to a black magic spell and a magician’s charm.

He is using sorcery and tricks to blind and mute The Victim and to keep him/her deaf and dumb.

He purposefully lies and deceived people and use them until he knows there’s no more to be drained from them.

Often it depends on different circumstances as to how quickly he will desert The Victim.

An interaction with A Predator is not a relationship when one is A Prey.

It’s like a lion who pounces on a strong creature who has momentarily left the safety of the herd.

That’s how he gets to us, when we are not even aware that we have left safety behind and are now in the clutches of A Covert Predator.

The Narcissist is covert and wears disguises.
The saddest part of this is that unlike other animals, A Narcissist is the only species that preys on its own for no other reason than it can and because it wants self-seeking gain and self-glorification.

Rest assured, The Narcissist will soon be taking his next Victim down into his rabbit hole of delusion which is always a risk to any Victim of A Narcissist.

~Phyllis Antebi~ writes that you risk losing yourself when you become enmeshed with A Narcissist and this pertains to anyone who becomes a part of The Narcissist’s landscape.

Eventually she states the effects of being entangled in the delusional world of A Narcissist will create pervasive self doubt and denial resulting in an altered state of consciousness.

As the personality becomes more and more depleted, The Victim will behave like a robot, immune to her feelings.

We were all there at one point and this is what is going to happen to his next Victim.

I remember when I smiled to cover up the pain and pretending that nothing bad was happening because I didn’t want to alarm any of my friends.

But inside I was in the exact state that ~Phyllis~ described.

I was losing myself and becoming someone I don’t know.

We have a conscience and we have a heart.
Empathy is a beautiful construct as it’s a guiding principle in our daily lives.

Without it we would be lost and we can’t imagine a life devoid of empathy.

But when Empathetic Individuals cross paths with those who have little to no empathy a part of their soul dies.

When someone can’t see other’s needs or emotions and only puts himself first, life becomes chaotic.

Ignorance is not always a bliss.
It’s nice to be ignorant of Narcissistic Abuse but when we know of it, the utter ignorance of Narcissists is anything but blissful.

When we boil down our whole relationship, we realise how The Narcissist in our lives controlled and manipulated us from the very beginning.

It’s actually quite sickening and something we should be sitting down to process.

Simmer out emotion, infatuation, chemical bliss and we are left with a trail of deceit, lies, future-faking and manipulation like never thought possible.

It seems out of this world and previously thought impossible.

It’s like a bad movie gone wrong.
He played us like a fiddle and it’s so black and white in retrospect.

It’s difficult to digest let alone process that we were taken advantage of.

He conned us as he is a master illusionist and he casts a spell on us.

It’s further difficult to accept that we bent principles and let boundaries crumble around us, all in pursuit of a love we felt for someone who treated us like a doormat.

Some sufferers of Narcissistic Abuse are not with us to tell their stories as that is how profoundly destructive their abuse is.

Narcissistic Abuse is not something to be read in literature or even observed from afar to understand.

Professionals hardly understand the concept but Victims know it more than they care to bare.

Knowing what we know now after having escaped a death sentence, we cringe at the prospect that others are merely next in line for the rollercoaster of their lives.

A rollercoaster that we want to pull them off of as it seems so easy having previously derailed from it.

We were violently ejected from this emotional rollercoaster but despite the rails taking us through hell and back, it’s nearly impossible to warn future riders.

Simply this is not an easy feeling to sit with.
Not in the slightest.

There are some sick people in this world but I wouldn’t wish Narcissistic Abuse upon anyone.

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