Behind The Narcissist’s Mask.

It’s not nice to call names.

But when it comes to Narcissists, calling them out is really a matter of survival for those dealing with their abuse, as well as for those who don’t understand the profound harm they do.

All Narcissists wear masks and have a false persona.

And when you strip away the Narcissist mask you find weakness and vulnerability that would be pitiable if it weren’t so astonishingly vicious.

The Narcissist Mask
Chances are you won’t ever remove the Narcissist mask because they defend it at all costs with a full arsenal of preemptive controlling and abusive tactics.

Whether as a young person overvalued with excessive praise and indulgence or undervalued with neglect and abuse, or a possible combination of those parenting styles, the Narcissist is in essence an emotionally stunted child with an adult savvy for ruthless manipulating.

The Narcissist Mask is what they wear to assert a face of superiority and entitlement, protecting themselves from intolerable feelings of invalidation, otherwise known as Narcissistic Injury.

The Narcissist Bully,
Narcissists are classic bullies.

They ambush, attack without cause and prey on the most vulnerable within their grasp, usually those who love and depend on them.

Narcissists often also abuse employees, susceptible friends, and underlings such as waiters and clerks.

Exploiting their power over others in any way possible feeds their endless need to feel superior, and their lack of empathy gives them free range to abuse without the troubling hindrance of a conscience.

The Narcissist Coward,
Many of us come out of invalidating, sometimes severely home environments, but we do not become Compassionless Sadists.

Narcissists are cowards who are fundamentally terrified of themselves and anyone who might see through their mask.

Their driving motivation in life is to shield themselves from threatening emotions that trigger their deep-seated sense of inferiority, or Narcissist Injury.

Often Narcissists strike and run, initiating surprise attacks and retreating before being confronted with the consequences of their rage.

Narcissists also may behave in a passive-aggressive manner, cloaking their rage in self-pitying performances meant to induce guilt and blame.

Whatever hurtful tactics they use, Narcissists virtually never take responsibility for their behaviour.

Instead, they are Masters at Denying and Projecting their abuse onto others, most often those they have abused, further exacerbating the harm they do.

The Narcissist Liar,
The Narcissist Mask is a lie designed to protect them from the truth they can’t bear.

Again, this feels like a pity plea moment and indeed pity for the Narcissist is understandable.

But also, pity for the Narcissist is a dangerous territory that often leads those already victimised into a position for further abuse.

Narcissists are Liars who continuously attempt to control others’ perceptions of them and when they can’t, they resort to nasty, often violent reprisal.

The Narcissists may cast themselves as a highly principled people, but in reality they are only concerned with their own needs and is too weak to face life’s truths, especially those that threaten their defences.

They may talk a good game, but when it comes to the truth, they stonewall, blame and shame others and always deflects accountability.

The Narcissist Fraud,
Narcissists are by nature frauds who lie, exaggerate, and brag about themselves and denigrate others to bolster their image.

They hate themselves but hate others even more, and everything they do is in service of asserting a superior face no matter what reality exists inside themselves or within their family.

A dictionary definition of fraud is a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Narcissists are classic frauds at love, parenting, friendship, and any other important relationship in life.

Because they lack the ability to recognise and empathise with others’ experiences and emotions.

Narcissists are incapable of authentic intimacy, kindness or selfless giving.

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