Breaking-Up With A Narcissist!

A break-up with A Narcissist isn’t comparable to a break-up of a normal romantic relationship.

It’s far worse.
All break-ups hurt and all relationships end for number of reasons.

Some are one-sided, some are mutual and some are downright nasty.

But it generally follow the same pattern, the relationship ends, one or both partners mourn the loss and then move on.

Breaking up with and getting over a relationship with A Narcissist is a whole different ball game.

The effects on The Non-Narcissistic Partner are far-reaching and include emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual impacts.

In the aftermath of a relationship with A Narcissist, the partner is left with painful questions like; Did he ever love me?, Did I mean anything to him at all? or Was it all a lie?

What one must keep in mind is that Narcissists can’t love.

They don’t form normal and healthy bonds to anyone.

To A Narcissist, his partners represent a source of supply or attention and is viewed as extension of himself.

Coming to terms with the fact that you meant nothing to him especially when he’s meant so much to you is incredibly painful.

Realising that you were conned and manipulated by someone you loved is a hard truth to accept.

The most difficult thing to get over is the psychological warfare or the mind games The Narcissist uses to keep his victims emotionally connected to him.

When a relationship with A Narcissist ends because of the abuse you have endured, many victims find that their sense of self and self-esteem have been destroyed.

Now they have to rediscover who they are.
Very often
Narcissists leaves their partners in an abrupt, cruel and heartless manner.

While their partners are reeling from the sudden break-up, The Narcissist is focusing on a new source of supply.

The only person he thinks about is himself.
However, if the victim decides to end the relationship, The Narcissist will experience a Narcissistic Injury which is a real or imagined slight that threatens The Narcissist’s Ego and his belief that he is special and unique.

Since Narcissists don’t take responsibility for anything, they won’t think that they screwed up and have done something to make their partner leave.
Instead, they will tell themselves that their partners are crazy and that they are better than them and can do better than this.

And just like that you are devalued and discarded in The Narcissist’s Mind.

When a normal romantic relationship ends, both people usually go their separate ways and move on.

But when you are involved with A Narcissist, the relationship ends suddenly and sometimes it never ends.

Given that they are control freaks, they like to keep track of former partners and they may even suggest being friends.

That way, they can still have your attention without a commitment.

Just when you are getting over them, they come back into your life as if nothing ever happened.

If you fall for their overtures which is also known as the hoover, the abuse is worse than the previous time and the dysfunctional relationship cycle repeats and this time at an even faster pace.

Whether you are the one who’s ended it or The Narcissist has discarded you, go no contact and never look back.

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