Call Back Your Energy!

I didn’t believe that I can call back my energy at first when I met this random woman who told me that I can.

I knew that this woman was wise and honest and her wisdom on energy was second to none ,, she was a healer.

She told me to be strong, keep living and loving myself.

She told me that although a person can steal my energy, it will always be mine to call back at anytime.

The problem is we don’t do this as we instead are focusing on vengeance and negative thinking about the thief, sending him even more energy.

I called my energy back and it returned.

Call back all the energy that has been taken from you because it has to return to the source just as we shall all return to the source at the end of this existence.

I have called it back with conviction and letting go of The Narcissist I once loved was my whole lesson in this.

I always hoped for a loving reunion but there just wasn’t .

After all the cycles I have been through, I finally realised that it was up to me to create a world of my own in the here and now ,, In the present moment.

Not some distant Utopia if I only jumped through the right hoops to prove my worthiness.

I gave my power and my energy away and that was on me not him.

I didn’t know what I was doing to myself until I finally understood the disease on both sides ,, his Narcissism and my Traumatic Bond.

My energy is my divine connection and knowing that will give me the peace my heart desires.

Not an instant connection from a false reality of illusion I created in my mind with a man that would never love me.

May you all feel that energy in healing and guidance.

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