Can A Narcissist Be Happy?!

From what I observed I think that an untreated and unaware Narcissist is pretty much like living in hell.

To the outside observer it might not appear that way and even the Narcissist himself will unlikely readily realise it, but it’s kind of being in a non-stop reality TV show.

Everybody has an agenda and everybody plays a part.

It might not appear like he is sophisticated enough to be unhappy, but when the cameras are turned off and the isolation sets in, the caustic mindset that was projected outwards turns inwards.

It’s typically coupled with a mental illness like severe depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia or addiction.

It causes a significant distress to the person who has it and it is very debilitating in terms of impeding one’s goals, genuine happiness and contentment.

This is not to say that Narcissists are not highly functional or high achieving individuals.

But I would be utterly shocked if they were ever happy.

Like many Overt Narcissists, they are a born entertainers.

However, they have been a consistent failure in business, romance and fatherhood.

Narcissists eventually fails at everything they do.

They accomplish a lot but is any of it worth a damn?

Could it be argued that deep down, someone with such a vicious and intemperate disposition and with such a hateful outlook maintain the same attitude towards themselves?

They only see things from their own perspective and can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes.

So I would expect that behind all the posturing, they are a shell of people isolated in a world of self-abuse.

So, NO ,I believe that Narcissists are most assuredly unhappy all the time.

At best, they are temporarily distracted from their misery.

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