Can A Narcissist Ever Care And Genuinely Be Nice?!

A Narcissist is more likely to deny that he hurts people because it is always the other person’s fault.

He cloaks himself in a saint like veil from which he is free of all blame.

He is so desperate to meet his own needs that your integrity gets crushed under the steamroller of his endless manipulations, lies and gaslighting.

In a nutshell A Narcissist prance through his entire life farting flowers and if you have a problem with that then you must surely be insane.

An Overt Narcissist can be charming, act nice and occasionally do nice things but he is likely motivated to do this for the attention.

He will tell his friends how generous he is often with exaggeration.

He enjoys thinking of himself as nice, good and important person.

He is so self consumed that he really isn’t thinking about the consequences of his actions.

Now if you go ahead and piss him off then he will intentionally punish you.

He can’t fathom the extent of mental anguish he causes when he punishes you because he is the victim.

Your feelings are so irrelevant and shouldn’t exist.

A Covert Narcissist enjoys hurting people and can be sadistic.

Although like The Overt Narcissist, he will still do so unknowingly at times and even if he knew he wouldn’t care.

He is much less inclined to act nice.
He will shamelessly use people for a onetime thing and move on.

He will call family for a favour and disappear without a thank you.

We all exist just to serve the World’s greatest victim.

The world owes The Covert Narcissist and he feels very entitled.

He can be socially awkward but he is sneaky and good at wearing the mask of innocence.

He could care less if he hurts you or made you cry.

He will intentionally destroy something you value!

Most of them are not nice because they don’t care one bit about how you feel.

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