Can A Narcissist Ever Regret?!

Narcissists and the word regret should not be in the same sentence unless the sentence is in regards to you regretting being involved with A Narcissist.

A Narcissist feels no regret or remorse although he does have rage and anger only because he didn’t get all what he wanted.

Even if he regrets, his false ego won’t allow him to feel remorse as it will be admitting his mistake which is a big shame and The Narcissist will never admit that.

That regret is not for the victim but it is for The Narcissist’s ego about losing a good source of ego booster.

If the victim got back to her best shape of life both mentally and physically then it’s a blow to The Narcissist’s ego.

The Narcissist has predicted your demise after leaving you and in his mind you have been degraded so how can you become successful when he deemed you a failure?!

In a way if you are successful then you are wronging The Narcissist assumption which according to his ego can’t be wrong.

In short the regret will never be real as it means self introspection which will never be for the victim it will be always The Narcissist and The Narcissist world of its own self absorption.

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