Can A Pathological Narcissist Feel Any Form Of Remorse?

Absolutely not because every act he does and every word he speaks was pre-planned either to hurt you or provoke you to get what he wants from you.

He is completely incapable of thinking about your feelings even if you sacrifice your life for him it won’t mean anything to him.

As history always say and as I have experienced personally,
A Narcissist is never sorry about any of the countless lies and acts of abuse he causes.

He may occasionally say that he’s sorry but it’s hollow as actions and changed behaviour speak louder than words.

More likely than admitting to his wrongdoing he will angrily respond that he has done nothing wrong and give you the silent treatment.

It’s The Narcissist lack of conscience and empathy that keeps him from feeling remorseful for any wrongdoing.

He knows that he has done something wrong but can’t feel your pain.

He is only with you for himself to feel satisfied and doesn’t mind the destruction he causes in your life.

His sense of entitlement causes him to do and say whatever he pleases.

The Narcissist only sees things as it affects him so instead of feeling remorseful he will feel shameful.

He will be ashamed because he has made a mistake and others have noticed.

He is not sorry about what he has done to you.

Shame and remorse are two entirely different feelings.

Narcissist’s problem is not with being a liar and a cheater, his problem is with others knowing that he is a liar and a cheater.

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