Can The Involvement With A Narcissist Be Justified?

Rare among us Empaths are those that had one shot, one relationship and did not return again when The Narcissist came back.

The initial love bombing phase is magical, mystical and the best drug you have been addicted to.

Narcissists somehow reach your soul, your quantum being.

You become addicted to this feeling on a sensory overload level.

Touch, smell, feel, hearing, thoughts, food and water are all synchronised to The Narcissist vibration and rhythm.

Suddenly in no time and without any warnings he is gone.

Plus you have no way to contact him.

The feelings, the emotions and especially your quantum soul is and will for the un foreseeable future be in nuclear meltdown.

Time becomes the only healer.

We will always justify our involvement with A Narcissist.

I mean he doesn’t come with a red card or a tattoo on his forehead identifying him as such.

A Narcissist likes to use our childhood dreams as a weapon.

The Narcissist will always ask questions to find out what we want in life and particularly questions about when we were little and our dreams then.

We have been manipulated by a master manipulating liar.

It’s not our fault.
Why would someone do this to us?

The vicious cycle gets worse and worse for any Empath.

Unfortunately this is the reality of life and we can’t change that person.

This person wants to hurt us and destroy us that is his only plan.

The pain we feel will only make us stronger moving forward in life.

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