Can You Make A Narcissist Jealous?

You don’t have to do a thing!

Narcissists are virulently jealous.

They compete with everyone and compare what they have and what they believe they have accomplished with everyone.

They absolutely NEED to be the best and have the most.

The rest of us know and accept that there will always be someone with more, bigger or better stuff or advantages.

For the Narcissist, it’s not enough that they win but you have to lose.

They are entitled and believe that they deserve everything and you deserve nothing.

If you try to make them jealous they will go to great lengths to undermine you and outdo you, they will win because they will stop at nothing to prevail.

If you speak positively about someone else they will resent that person and will immediately state all that person’s flaws and personal struggles.

Then they will compete with that person.

The Narcissist will then target your priorities to slay you emotionally.

Reveal nothing to the Narcissist.

Never give your opinion on anything.

Do not let them really know anything about you, positive or negative.

Do not be their applauding audience or cheerleader.

Never ever give them a compliment, approval or acknowledgement of achievements or acquisitions, or any reaction at all positive or negative.

They will not know how to ‘get to you’.

Be aware that they will dispose you because you are of no benefit to them. This is not to be perceived as a rejection.

You are no longer a source of Narcissistic supply.

I know this is easier said than done especially if it is recent and the pain is still fresh, but focus on your own life and your own happiness and treat them as insignificant as they know they are.

Cling to the people who genuinely love and care about you and eventually they won’t matter to you anymore.

Nothing about them or their ‘feelings’ will matter to you anymore.

Implement strict No Contact.

Chalk this experience up to a lesson learnt and move on.

This is the only way to recover from your walk on the dark side.

Finally, if you have been discarded and they are leaving you alone, REJOICE!

You just escaped something that could have been so damaging!

You just escaped something that could have ruined your life.

Now go off into the world knowing that you will be infinitely happy someday because you are normal while he lives in a never ending cycle of misery and failed relationships.

If you want to play games and manipulate emotions with a Narcissist go right ahead knowing you will always end up losing, even after you have had enough he will keep beating you down for even trying to play in the first place.

If you still want to make a Narcissist jealous regardless, tell him you have met someone new and walk away, don’t look back, don’t return, go strict No Contact and it will drive him insane BUT if you cave in and return at any time you will deserve whatever constant cruel ongoing punishment they give you for not learning your lesson.

You have been warned.

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