Close Your Eyes And Gather Your Strength.

We settle sometimes.
We settle for bad jobs and unsatisfying lives.
We settle for average.
We settle for ok.

We settle for relationships that don’t make us feel alive and people that don’t fill our hearts with joy.

We settle for less than we deserve and now it’s time to say enough is enough.

Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t make your whole body sing with happiness.

It’s too short to give the wrong man a chance.
It’s too short to stay with someone who hurt you because you are afraid you won’t find love again.

If he hurt you then he doesn’t deserve you.
It’s as simple as that.

He made his decision.
He made his choice.

And maybe it wasn’t intentional but the damage is done and there’s no going back.

When he hurt you, he took a tiny piece of your heart with him and it’s time to claim it back.

No longer will you go through life with an aching heart.

No longer will you feel unsatisfied, unhappy and unloved.

You deserve real and pure love.

A love that doesn’t hurt the way it does with him.

It’s time to cut ties with what doesn’t grow you, help you, build you and make you shine.

It’s time to leave this man in your past because better things are coming ,, I promise.

I promise that there will be other men who will love you with their whole heart.

I promise that you will find someone who thinks the sun rises and sets with your presence.

A man who will smile unconsciously at the thought of you.

A man who will beam with pride at the mention of your name.

You deserve that kind of love.

The man who hurt you is not worthy of all the chances you are giving him.

You keep dragging it out, putting yourself out there and hoping he will change but if you have to try to get someone to change then you have already lost because people only change for themselves not for someone else, even someone as special as you.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
It was just the wrong man, the wrong situation and the heartbreak that you didn’t deserve.

Don’t hang your head.
Don’t lose your smile.
You are too pretty to beat yourself up over a lost relationship.

You will find someone better.

I promise that there’s no use holding onto someone who doesn’t love you with a passion.

Someone who doesn’t make you giddy with excitement.

Someone who has hurt you in the past.

You will find someone better than the man who hurt you.

That man will love you in ways bigger and more beautiful than you ever imagined.

Now just close your eyes and gather your strength.

It’s time to push back against unfair treatment, against an unsatisfying life and against a love that is only hurting you.

Life is too short to be unhappy and we all deserve happiness.

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