Coping With Trauma..!

Coping with Trauma is never easy.
Some of us take longer than others in coping.
Some of us take longer than necessary.

Trauma means that the experience altered the person’s psyche longterm causing serious negative consequences.

By definition Trauma is extremely difficult, if at all possible to get over.

It can look from the outside like someone has overcome a traumatic experience relatively easily because reactions to trauma are different.

You can see someone seemingly happy a short time after while only he knows how much he is suffering.

You may see little of him while he is healing and therefore not know what he is going through.

Someone may seem unaffected and like he has bounced back while in fact the trauma has caused him a deep change that will only become apparent to you if you are very close to that person for a long time.

Not everyone is affected the same way by the same kind of experience.

Not everyone will suffer the same as a consequence of the same difficult event.

In short you have to know a person extremely well and for a long time in order to know for sure how long it really took him to overcome a difficult experience or even if he really ever recovered at all.

People naturally develop coping mechanisms to process and manage pain in very different ways.

Much of it depends on their early childhood experiences, educational and social background, emotional and spiritual understanding.

Those that choose to own the pain and live it for longer than is healthy, they either can’t see a way out or don’t want to see a way out.

Others who move on quicker get fed up with the pain and they don’t want to feel it any longer.

They see through the futility of dwelling in pain.
They apply understanding and rationality.

They learn to let go but most importantly they care about feeling better and therefore choose a path to feel better.

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