Cutting The Cord!

When someone was an important part of your life, you miss them when they are no longer there.

Sometimes, someone special you love passes away.

Other times they may have moved far away, be taking a long vacation or you may have broken up.

No matter what the reason you are no longer able to see them, your heart goes through so many different emotions.

Your heart may hurt at their absence, rejoice at amazing memories or simply feel incredibly sad.

We develop etheric cord connections with everyone we meet.

Some are strong connections, others just superficial but they all affect us.

A strong connection with A Narcissist can be very draining.

To protect our wellbeing, we need to be free of manipulation and drama, cutting energy cords to your Narcissist is essential and effective.

Of course, the first step is knowing when you are connected to A Narcissist and it’s not that easy to spot.

We don’t fully control our etheric cord connections.

While we have some control over who we consciously connect with, many connections happen without intending to.

We also don’t have perfect judgement.
Somebody who seems safe to connect with at first might turn out to be A Narcissist in disguise.

For both of these reasons, we might end up with an unwanted cord connection with A Narcissist, which is something nobody wants.

When we share a cord connection with A Narcissist, they will use that connection to leech energy from us.

A Narcissist can’t provide his energy from Source.

Doing so requires altruistic and kind intentions, which are entirely alien concepts to A Narcissist so they sap our energy to feed their egos.

It can be difficult sometimes to tell the difference between someone who is just driven and knows what they want versus someone who is A Narcissist ,, their behaviour is often very similar.

However, if you treat them like a solar eclipse and try not to look straight at them, you can tell pretty well by the effect they have on those around them.

Narcissists don’t think about what the consequences of their actions might be for you or anyone else but themselves.

Being driven and ambitious doesn’t remove empathy but Narcissism is the absence of it.

Are they continually bringing negative energy to you for no reason of your own?

Do you only ever feel drained by their presence?
Is it always like walking on eggshells with them?

These are signs that you might be connected to A Narcissist.

You can use the same cord cutting rituals as you would for anyone but you have to take some extra steps when dealing with A full-blown Narcissist.

Recognise that they will try to worm their way back in.

While an average person would recognise that they are no longer wanted and leave, it doesn’t occur to The Narcissist that you have an opinion on the matter at all.

This means that you might have to re-cut the cord several times.

During times of weakness, you may allow the connection to reform but you must gather your strength to keep the cord cut.

It might feel harsh and they might even make you feel bad for doing it.

Trying to express how you feel can be incredibly difficult.

Sometimes you have no way to put your emotions into words.

You may have an idea of what you want to say to them but remain uncertain if your words will convey your deepest emotions and if they will ever understand.

There are most likely times when you would give almost anything just to sit next to that special person for five or ten minutes just to see their face or hear their voice.

But no good can come from an etheric cord connection with A Narcissist.

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