The Narcissist Who Almost Destroyed Me.

I took a tragic horrific experience and did not let it diminish me, rather grew an evolved and allowed this experience to teach me.

In the Great War between good vs evil, at the heart of it all is a battle between PRIDE and HUMILITY.

Is there any surprise that we will never see a truly humble Narcissist?

The answer is NO.

The day I met him was a fairy tale, it was as if I got struck by lightning.

His smile and charm were captivating.

I remember thinking that it was a dream.

The day he acknowledged me I was jumping out of joy that this incredible amazing man is actually interested in me.

He was 17 years older than me and that was one of the main things I got attracted to him for.

I thought that a man in his age would definitely be mature enough, gentle, charming and won’t play with my feelings.

I used to call him Prince Charming.

We used to text and exchange words of admiration and how we made each other happy.

I clearly told him that I don’t know what have I done to deserve someone like him and he immediately replied by saying that he is the lucky one and that I’m such a blessing to him.

I was happy so happy that deep in my heart I knew that he is too good to be true.

With no warnings or any signs of it coming this Prince Charming took off his mask and revealed his true identity.

It happened so quickly that it paralysed me.

He denied everything and suddenly started accusing me of stalking him.

If I didn’t have his messages I would have thought that maybe I was imagining all this, I would have lost my sanity.

This amazing charming man suddenly became the most cruel insensitive creature, his selfishness was undeniable that it crushed me and shattered my heart to pieces.

His ugly truth started to be revealed and what I discovered was unthinkable.

Still I didn’t believe it or actually I didn’t want to believe it and disregarded all the evidence.

UNTIL he started to take drastic measures to destroy me, destroy my career, destroy my credibility and everything that I care about.

His plan to destroy me became very clear to me that I couldn’t deny it anymore.

I lost faith in all meanings of life.

Everything he did was planned that it terrified me.

I lived a year of horror but something within me kept me going.

I reached out for help to regain my strength and self confidence.

I educated myself and this when I came to know about NARCISSISM.

I used to think that maybe it was me or it was something that I did.

I was blaming myself for being too blind to see who he truly was until I was able to see that it was all him.

He is a remorseless predator who was about to destroy my life even though he appeared to be harmless and benevolent.

A pathetic excuse of a man, he lie, deceive and manipulate to get what he wants.

How starved he must have been that my heart became a meal for his EGO?

I was fooled by his charm not knowing that he doesn’t know empathy.

I healed but he will always be a sociopath.

For everyone who has been involved with a Narcissist, you will heal and you will regain your strength and life back.

It wasn’t you, you haven’t done anything wrong.

You loved a man who happened to be The Devil In Disguise.

You might think that life has lost it’s meaning and that you will never heal or know happiness again.

I know because I have felt it too.

But let me tell you that the sun will rise again and brighter days are waiting.

Always remember that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.


  • Shame on him glad u survived.
    Thx 4 posting this it helps 2 know I wasn’t the only 1 fooled by a narcissist

    • You are welcome, that’s exactly why I decided to launch this site because it helped me a lot speaking to women and men who have been in similar situations, it helps knowing you were not the only one and it’s a magnificent support in your healing process 😊

  • The words are so true, I feel u but u survived it

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