Deep Down We Always Knew!

Deep down I pretty much always knew.
I tricked myself into thinking that if I tried harder maybe I would eventually be loved back.

I always knew that was never going to happen.
Intuitive empathic people always know.

We just get blinded by intense love and I had never loved anyone more.

It felt like I had to saw off my arm when I had to leave ,, the grief was indescribable.

Also being immediately replaced like I was yesterday’s forgotten rubbish with no moment to spare.

I had to beat it into my head that this was never real and that I will never get love from toxic waste.

So deep down we always know but one day it just clicks.

All the things he said to you.
All the things he did or didn’t do finally come together and you realise what you always really knew that it’s not me it’s him.

When I stepped back I realised that he never ever did care about me.

He was always canceling plans, putting others first, making excuses and telling me that I was becoming needy.

When you can finally look at the situation with a clear head, you realise that a person who really loves you wouldn’t put you through that kind of hell and devalue you like A Narcissist does.

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