Demons And Angels!

A Narcissists is an agent of the demonic spirit.
In order for Demons and Angels to exist in this world they must have humans to represent them.

The Narcissist is not attached to anyone.
Humans are not special to him.

Humans are a source of energy for that Demon to exist.

A Demon survives better if people didn’t see him and therefore know that he’s there to extract their energy.

The Demon therefore pretends to be holy or humbly imperfect.

The Narcissist has no problem abandoning those he once claimed to love unless he believes they are a jackpot or a vital source for achieving something he desires.

A Demon will leave if the tools he uses to seduce you aren’t working.

He will leave if his lies aren’t hypnotising you.
He will leave if you are a risk for him being judged so he will always get rid of those with morals.

It’s also called A Silent Treatment.
It is one of The Narcissist’s favourite punishments because it requires no energy and it is so effective.

No one likes being ignored.
Especially if you don’t understand what it is that you did wrong in order to deserve this.

In actuality you probably didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and he just took something you said or did as a personal criticism because to A Narcissist everything is about him.

Life itself is a currency and you gave your soul energy to this Demon out of good faith in humanity and for all the good things you two shall endeavour together in the future.

If you believe your soul is possessed by him then you are right.

The strings of connections can only be broken through disintegrated faith from those trying to preserve the connections.

Otherwise you will remains The Giver and he will remain The Taker because of the inherent personality disorder which basically means the person’s personality runs him along the same disordered paths.

A path where The Narcissist is to take your life from you.

That’s just the way it is unless you decide on another course.

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