Did You Ever Think He Was Evil?!!

Did you think you were with A Narcissist when you first met him?

Did you think he was Evil?

Did you think he was lying to you, playing, manipulating you and grooming you for the abuse?

No because you were in heaven.
Only when the devaluation started and whatever he did that led you to search for the reasons, unanswered questions and trying to make sense that you understood what he really is.

And even after finding out what A Narcissist is, it was unimaginable and unbelievable that someone is and can be evil even though he pretends to be perfectly fine in the beginning.

Then how can you expect others not to believe a person who portrays a kind, caring and loving human being to the public?

Moreover society has a tad bit tendency to side with The Abuser.

So don’t go proving your truth or his lies.
People will believe what they want to believe.
You can’t change people’s perceptions.

Instead work on your healing, live well and be happy.

Channelize your energy to make a better version of yourself.

A Narcissist layout the discard of his Victim way way ahead.

He feeds lies and insinuations to his flying monkeys because A Narcissist knows that the relationship can’t go on.

There is always that expiration date with The Narcissist.

Generally the flying monkeys are Narcissists themselves and that’s why they believe The Narcissist instead of The Victim.

Most of the time Victims are too busy and too confused because of The Narcissist’s crazy behaviour and Victims are usually the giving, kind and empathetic kind.

The kind that don’t indulge in gossips or lies.
It is really an unfair fight that The Victim is subjected to by The Narcissist.

The first person who lies is always believed by those whose integrity is lacking.

Also The Narcissist’s public persona is a carefully groom artificial construction.

Just like the main-street in a old time western.
The stores all look intact for the camera from the street but there is nothing past that front wall behind it.

There’s no store just a framework holding it up and open prairie.

No one is ever allowed to get close enough to see past the people pleaser and false front.

Adoration from the general public is a great source of Narcissistic Supply.

But only if they see and believe what The Narcissist projects out to them and that’s reflected back.

Long before The Victim decides to come out, seek help and spill the beans, The Narcissist has prepared for this day.

He manufactured stories of what The Victim put him through and how bravely he has been putting up with it and the outlandish stories The Victim tells.

When in public he will treat The Victim sensitively.

He may also say things that are seemingly innocent to the general public but he knows it will trigger an emotional response out of The Victim and he will act like a battered man.

Don’t forget that you are dealing with A Master Manipulator who has been lying more than he’s been breathing.


  • You said everything I have been trying to say, thank you so much for your talent, your passion and your heart.
    Please know that you are helping a lot come to terms with what they have been through ❤️

    • This means so much to me ,, thank you ❤️

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