Do Narcissists Have A Soul?!

Narcissists come across as soulless because they are disconnected from their souls.

Their damage is actually deeper than just love through a broken lens.

Their ability to bond or form any meaningful connection with anyone was never learnt and as such he is fundamentally alone.

It’s not that they are selfish but they truly are the only ‘person’ in their existence.

Imagine being the only human in a world of AI bots, that’s The Narcissist’s reality.

Everyone was born with a soul.
A Narcissist has just lost touch with his own and he’s preferring to live as an egocentric all the time.

He doesn’t want to face the things we all have to face at some point like the dark side of life.

He will continue on his Narcissistic Path until he can’t bare himself anymore.

Someone can only run or hide from himself/herself for so long but not forever.

Silence for him is a dangerous and a painful place but he has chosen to live this way.

He can choose to get help even though Narcissism isn’t curable as it’s not a disease.

But faced with honesty and a will to learn and understand what causes his behaviour can reverse the extent of his abusive ways and help put him on track for a better life.

If you have had the misfortune to tangle with A Narcissist, learn from it, understand what it has taught you and make sure to heal properly before getting involved with anyone or there’s a fair chance you will just encounter another Narcissist.

We are all Soul’s having a human experience.
No one can be soulless but we can be toxic and selfish.

A Soul is identified by your longing to love and to cherish another person.

A Soul connects with giving and being transparent.

A Narcissist denies himself this right and mistreat the very essence of The Soul.

If he has a soul then it’s malnourished, it’s neglected, it’s abused and it’s ignored.

The Narcissist is not a super creature with amazing powers but a very maladaptive adult who was never taught to love.

Even the most loving partner will not fix him or he/she will end up losing his/her own soul in the darkness of The Narcissist.

I felt the most amazing lightness when I left and as time goes on I became buoyant with light.

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