Do Narcissists Really Lack Empathy?!

Yes they absolutely do lack any emotional empathy for others.

They very much live day to day in the moment.

If you have been discarded and he is idealising the new primary supply, the concepts of splitting and object permanence come into play.

While most people discuss this two term as they pertain to personality disorders as dealing more with a disordered person’s inability to be angry with someone and still see that he is angry with someone that he ultimately care about.

I think it also apply to how the Narcissist views you during discard.

He will go from texting or calling more than almost anyone you have ever been with to ghosting and complete indifference as though you never existed in his life.

Furthermore, he will be smearing you as having literally no good or redeeming qualities.

The cold indifference he will display to an ex just days after being in a relationship with.

Like he is a complete stranger and a nuisance coupled with the way he lie about his exes and speak so poorly of them is a pretty clear indication that he has zero empathy.

Also, his primary aim is securing supply and maintaining his false image so he is literally willing to do or say just about anything to achieve this.

He will destroy your life or reputation without hesitation or guilt if it preserves his false image that he want the world to see.

If someone who once proclaimed you to be the love of their life or soul mate can knowingly attempt to destroy you without hesitation just to look good for a new supply then they have no conscience and no empathy.

Without empathy, loving someone else is simply not possible.

If you just try to take a step back and look at the situation objectively, the actions are so loud, they draw out all the false words of the Narcissist.

Think back on conversations or arguments you have had with him and ask yourself was he coming from a place of trying to understand me or reach a compromise or was he just deflecting the issue and trying to make me see things his way?

He doesn’t want to understand your perspective and he is really incapable because he lacks empathy.

He doesn’t love the new supply, he just know through observation what actions and words convey love so he can hook the new supply.

He only loves the idealised attention, adoration and affection of the new supply because it is new, not better just new.

The new supply hasn’t witnessed yet the lies and the abusive behaviour so she is not holding the Narcissist accountable or asking the obvious questions that she will later just before his inevitable devaluation and discard.

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