Do They Enjoy Abusing You?


They will even let you catch a glimpse of that joy every now and again with a smile or a double sided comment.

The Abuse you suffer gives them power.

They are almost proud of themselves with the way they can manipulate you and run you to the ground so you feel like nothing.

They want you to see them as they see themselves.

Point in turn making you feel worthless.

They can just about and sometimes do trick you into thinking that you were wrong about their Narcissism when they feel you pulling away.

It is the famous push and pull of a Narcissist that will almost drive a person to insanity.

They give you hope and build you up only just to slap you right back down.

They will manipulate you into believing things that are not true.

They are like the devil with a pretty smile and that good ole boy charm that will even have your friends and family thinking that you are making up lies about the Abuse.

The only thing I can equate to dealing with Narcissistic Abuse is I would rather be set on fire and made to feel the burning eternally.

The best revenge is being brave enough to leave and live a happy life.

He loved the chaos and the drama he brought.

He loved the intense suffering he inflicted.

He loved what he saw and heard “the tears and the pain

He loved the pathological lying that caused months of misery.

He loved playing the part of the a concerned Man.

He loved playing the part of the poor him with the crazy me.

That is why he is and will always be The Devil In Disguise.

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