Does A Narcissist Care If He Hurts You?

Not only does he not care, he enjoys hurting you.
Playing on your emotions or scaring you makes A Narcissist feel powerful and in control.

He really is that Pathetic.
A Narcissist only cares if he gets caught hurting you.

He will then reverse the blame via linguistic manipulation and gaslighting so you will react aggressively or rudely and than The Narcissist will feel justified in hurting you.

If The Victim just says I’m hurt by you and leaves it like that or The Victim stays silent then The Narcissist will feel guilt but only because his ego is under a negative light.

This doesn’t mean he won’t try to reverse the blame, degrade you or try and snuff you off like you are A Whiner or A Stalker.

The Narcissist will ignore any and all expressed hurt by you.

This is done to gain supply.
he knows enough about you to hit where it hurts.

He lacks empathy so he has no conception at all of your inner hurt or damage.

He may see you crying for hours but to him it’s just tears and it’s teaching you to stay in his control.

He doesn’t care that he has broken your heart.

He may see you angry and that will really satisfy him because he sees the reaction and not the rage that burns you up inside.

When he embarrasses you, to him it’s like watching you slip on a banana skin and it’s funny.

Oddly enough what is funny often originates in our deepest fears and it is why we laugh at some jokes and not others.

In this case, the greatest fear of a narcissist is being shamed or embarrassed like he has just done to you so it’s a way of projecting his own inner shame onto you and laughing because it’s not him.

He aims for the exterior reaction.
He would have no idea what you are talking about if you talk about hurt or betrayal.

A Narcissist will inflict pain deliberately.
The condition is unbelievably rare and 9 times out of 10 the person who you believe is A Narcissist might simply be A Jerk.

Narcissism with Antisocial Personality Disorder symptoms and the necessary Narcissistic Personality Disorder to develop those symptoms in such an open manner is rarer than Psychopathy.

A Narcissistic Psychopath doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care to hurt you, he doesn’t care to help you, he really just quite simply doesn’t care.

It’s something closer to an absolute neutral emotional state than anything else.

Schizoid Personality Disorder displays a very similar blunted affect, except that A Schizoid doesn’t hide that affect nearly as well as A Psychopath.

If A Psychopath desires to cause you emotional pain, he will know the exact pressure points to strike.

This is due to the way human relationships are developed.

Mask On means observing, analysing and mimicking.

This means that there is a very well developed sense of what makes you tick.

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