Does A Narcissist Think About You After You Are Gone?

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battle ,, If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat ,, If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

I don’t care how Narcissists act or what they claim but you will be there in their mind forever.

They have your face imprinted like a newly hatched duck coming out of an egg.
And not in a good way.

The Narcissist a little further along the spectrum will certainly remember you.

His mind is a movie reel of past encounters and relationships that he likes to cross reference and revisit ,, sometimes in his mind and sometimes in person.

This type of Narcissists are the type we commonly deal with because they commonly want some more of what they had before.

There’s also the creepy ones.
They will keep an eye on you and ask disinterested questions about you should they run into someone mutual then walk off seemingly unconcerned.

If you have retaliated on this kind of Narcissist, embarrassed him in public or left him first, he can decide never to speak to you again.

But his emotions will be so caught up in what you have done.

That the experience and you will never be eroded from his memory ever.

He will think about you A LOT.

He will feel a suppressed anger.
He is the type to give you the silent treatment very often.

That sort will never forget you and will stew in self pity and anger over what he convinces himself you did to him.

If he can’t suppress his emotions any longer he most likely ring you and put the phone down.

The glow of satisfaction he gets from these antics is immeasurable even years down the line.

If you are not reacting the way he wants you to, he will ring and say he wants to meet up and talk.

Then he will either stand you up on purpose or turn up and leave after five minutes because it will make him feel good.

If he gets a new supply he will congratulate himself by knowing YOU know he has someone new.

The last type is The Malignant Narcissist that we pray for him to forget us.

These are the truly Malignant type.
The type that parks outside your house to stare.

He sabotages your life and come after you like the liquid metal robot in the Terminator movie.

He will continuously watch, plot and plan.
He will make it his mission to stay on the edge of your life affecting friendships, jobs and new relationships.

They will never forget and you will be in it for so long.

The one I loved waited for a year and then accused me again of stalking him and once again tried to get me fired from my job.

That’s how much they never forget.

Narcissists will either want more from you so it make sense to keep you in their mind.

Maybe he had his ego damaged in one way or another then you will end up being some kind of Nemesis that stays with him even to his own detriment.

To The Narcissist we are not people but objects known as Object Constancy.

Don’t waste your time wondering if he is thinking about you or not.

It’s not worth it for your sanity, self esteem and emotional health.

In a normal relationship both involved do think about each other because they genuinely miss each other but A Narcissist is not normal.

As painful as it is try to be true to yourself by facing the facts about whatever you had with The Narcissist.

Don’t focus on what you wish it was or could be but focus more on what actually happened.

You are too good and you worth more than being with someone as heartless as The Narcissist is.

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  • This is simply incredible. An amazing and very powerful article!

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