But Does It Really Matter?!

Some say that in order for someone to believe The Big Lie one must first adopt and put forth many small lies.

Lie after lie build upon then maybe at some point perhaps the liar isn’t aware of the fact that he is lying but he knew when he said the first and the second lie.

Possibly maybe even the third, no one knows when did it start to blur but does it really matter?

After all these lies build up, The Big Lie suddenly rears it’s ugly head.

The Big Lie will likely be something along the lines of,
It’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s fault.

The Narcissist will go after what he wants and whoever gets in his way is an enemy.

That’s why I believe that A Narcissist knows that he is lying all the way.
He rationalise what he is doing.

We all deceived ourselves at one point or another for whatever reason.

It’s not surprising that The Narcissist deceives himself when it comes to the intention of his cruel actions because he is
incapable of self reflection.

When others try to course correct The Narcissist or tell him about the awful things that he is doing, he lumps them in the group that’s out to get him.

He immediately becomes an agent to The Big Lie which is the never ending made up problems that The Narcissist always face.

We don’t know what we are doing and the only time we find out is when someone tells us but the difference between us and Narcissists is that we listen and apologise when required instead of labelling that person as an enemy.

We all have to accept the fact that we can never reason with The Narcissist.

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