Does Revenge Work Or Not?!

I’m not sure if revenge works or not.
I believe for some survivors it certainly does.

I think it depends on the circumstances and the type of abuse.

It also depends on what type of revenge someone is seeking to exact.

If revenge ends the war after the action of vengeance then I would say it’s successful.

However if your vengeance only perpetuates more engagement and an escalating war of revenge then I would say that it’s failed.

In my specific case I don’t believe vengeance is attainable because I don’t believe my Abuser truly feels as though he has transgressed.

Any vengeance on my part would certainly be used as an example of his victimhood.

For me that kind of defeats the purpose.
The purpose of revenge for me is so someone receives exactly what he gave and I can’t control whether or not my Abuser would recognise the reason behind my vengeance.

That would really be the objective.
Far more important than any of that is that an act of vengeance requires some type of contact or engagement.

To seek revenge requires one to reenter the realm of his Abuser and for me this is rule number ONE.

No Contact is absolutely tantamount to all other actions.

I don’t believe revenge is possible without breaking no contact therefore revenge is not an option.

Lastly, I have always believed in taking the high road.

It has served me well throughout my life.
If I can move on without further negativity then that’s always the road I’m going to take.

Somethings are hard to overlook.
And the actions of my Abuser certainly were.
I know that vengeance for me will end badly for everyone, most importantly me.

I’m just leaving to face the consequences of his actions and I’m sure that sooner or later he will.

God and Karma will have to hit him when he least expects it and I will never lose faith that someday justice will be served.

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