Does The Narcissist Go Through Withdrawals?!

The Narcissist won’t miss you no matter what he say.

It doesn’t matter if you left him or he discarded you.

He is an Oscar winning actor and will play the victim and blame you.

His way of thinking is so screwed up that he really believe that he is the victim.

The only thing he may be withdrawing from or missing is having someone to feed his ego.

I suppose it is a spectrum of behaviour and not all Narcissists are the same but most are.

So does he misses you?
Not at all and definitely not in the way a normal person would miss you after you leave.

Sources of supply are usually interchangeable to A Narcissist and he doesn’t get emotionally attached just as you wouldn’t get emotionally attached to a particular restaurant or go into withdrawal if it closes.

Some Narcissists may be angry at the insult to their ego when a source of supply goes No Contact and as a result he will engage in a smear or stalking campaign to get revenge but that is not withdrawal.

How can he go through a withdrawal when you were never real in his life?

He abused you and kicked you to the curb.
Perhaps at one point he might want to reach out for supply but that is all you are to him.

A supply full of adoration which is what he wants for his ego.

Remember when he got tired of you he ghosted you and went to find a new supply.

To have withdrawals you have to feel something.
He feels nothing, no love, no remorse and no guilt ,, NOTHING!

A Narcissist may feel a void in his supply depending on what role you played,
how much of his adulting you shouldered and how accustomed to your presence he was.

You miss the false mask the person you thought he was, the extreme highs and lows that have been your norm in this entanglement.

You became addicted to him and he became addicted to your supply because each supply has it’s own unique flavour, benefit and appeal.

Your absence is noticed in that regard.
But he’s not addicted to you or missing you as a person.

His withdrawal is from the supply not the supplier.

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