During The Discard Phase!

You have been betrayed in the very most profound way!

Do not in any way believe that you “did this to yourself” or “asked for it“.

Do NOT allow anyone to tell you that “there are always two stories” or that you “must have done something to make him treat you so horribly“, stand up and say NO!

You have been used, betrayed, lied to and manipulated.

Do not under ANY circumstances accept that you did anything to deserve being so horribly treated.

The Narcissist is the most selfish person not human that you will ever meet on the face of the earth.

The Narcissist has such a gigantic sense of ENTITLEMENT that no empathy of any kind is to be permitted for you, hence the blame-storms, accusations, criticisms, punishments and character assassination.

The Narcissist will attack you and assassinate your character in any way possible.

So you must protect yourself.

Lock down and freeze all assets.

DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to tell you that the Narcissist does not know the difference between right and wrong because he does and that’s precisely why he is s covert.

DO NOT allow anyone to tell you that the Narcissist is “mentally ill” and can’t “help” himself.

The Narcissists will use excuses like “bipolar” to evade responsibility.

This does a terrible disservice to those who are suffering from real bipolar symptoms who do not commit crimes of moral turpitude.

Allow yourself the luxury to receive complete sympathy as though your best friend has been killed because the person you have let into your life has indeed DIED.

Accept and learn about how devious the Narcissist is and never EVER blame or chastise yourself because you didn’t see IT coming.

Even the very best in Law and Crime Enforcement and in the Mental Health fields are ROUTINELY deceived by the Narcissist.

And most of ALL remember that Narcissists ONLY target good, kind, compassionate and giving people of which you are one.

After that you will have to prepare yourself for the smear campaign!!

This person is now going to do everything within his power to make you look like the worst person that ever existed.

And he will talk to anyone who will listen.

Social media posts, text messages, phone calls, face to face, nasty messages and whatever it takes.

Before you know what hit you, you are going to find out that you were the abusive one.

You are going to find out that you were the one who was never happy, that you were the one who was unstable.

To him you were just like everybody else who walked away from him and that makes you the enemy and it is his goal to make sure EVERY ONE knows it.

Of course, some people already know that this person is a liar though they don’t know the depth of this person’s deception, they may be well aware that this person lies and won’t believe his story, at least not all of it.

Some people will believe it and will be so blown away by ‘your’ behaviour that they too want to keep the gossip going.

Anyone who is willing to fully believe one side without having any clue about the other isn’t someone you need to care about anyway.

If these people are automatically going to believe that you are an awful, horrible, lazy, crazy pshyco, then they clearly don’t know you and don’t care about you, therefore, you don’t have to care about them or their opinion.

There are people who genuinely care about you.

These are the people you were more than likely isolated from during the time you were with your Narcissist.

Close friends, family and maybe even some of the Narcissist’s friends who knew something wasn’t right, but had no idea just how bad it was behind closed doors.

These people are the only ones you need.

They care enough to ask you about it and listen with no hidden agenda other than wanting to know what you had been going through and just be there when you need them.

There is SO much ‘unexpected’.

You can’t ever be prepared for a Narcissist’s next move.

Maybe nothing I said here will even be relevant to your situation.

Roll with the punches no matter HOW much it hurt.

You are going to be stronger in the end,


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